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Lenus is a strong, rebellious Winglie, who posed as Princess Emille in The Twin Towers at Fletz. People had noticed a sudden, dramatic change in behavior of their once-beloved Princess, only to be discovered by Dart and the team to be an imposter. They free the real Princess Emille, and expose Lenus for who she really was. This is the first battle the party has with her.

As it turns out, Lenus was basically working with the Bandits and Lloyd (whom she was madly in love with) to get the Divine Dagger, and add to the Divine Moon Object collection Lloyd had started. Lloyd never returns the same feelings for her, choosing instead to just use her and leave. As the party arrives in the Undersea Cavern, they encounter Lenus yet again, just as she passes the Divine Dagger to Lloyd. Lloyd escapes, and you enter the last battle with Lenus. Only this battle is different: Lenus is the current Blue Sea Dragoon. And she, like Greham earlier in the game, comes with an ally: her dragon, Regole. Upon her defeat she lies dying. Meru looks on in distress, having to watch a fellow Winglie die. She is then bestowed with the Blue Sea Dragoon Spirit, and the party continues its chase of Lloyd.

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