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The Leone Sentinel appears in Grand Theft Auto 3, as well as Liberty City Stories.

The Leone Sentinel is a modified version of the standard Sentinel sedan. These cars are easily distinguished due to their body kits and dark grey / black paint. The Leone Sentinel can only be found in the hands of a Leone Mafia member. These cars have increased performance over the stock Sentinels, and can keep up with many different vehicles. In Liberty City Stories, the Leone Sentinels are quite durable, and can withstand about four direct hits at close range with a shotgun. 
A Leone Sentinel sitting near St. Mark's Bistro, Liberty City

In Grand Theft Auto III, Leone Sentinels are quite weak. They will explode if hit from close range by a shotgun twice. The GTA III version looks identical to the Liberty City Stories version. They both have the same engine note, and similar top speeds. The Leone Sentinel will become very difficult to get in Grand Theft Auto III after you complete a certain mission. Make sure to take one before completing the missions, and store it somewhere safe, if you want one.

A Leone Sentinel sitting in darkness

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