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Lethal League is a multiplayer fighting game made and released on Steam by Reptile Games. In Lethal League, the players' only means of attacking their opponents is with a ricocheting anti-gravity ball. The original prototype made by Reptile is still playable as a free browser game.

Lethal League is played in a 2D rectangular stage. The 2-4 players will try to hit the ball at their opponents, while avoiding being hit (i.e. knocked out) by the ball themselves. Once a player has hit the ball, they are safe from the ball until someone else hits it. As the ball speed gets exponentially faster, successfully hitting the ball, and avoiding being hit becomes less and less realistic. Each hit automatically increases the speed of the ball, while smash hits (holding Down while swinging) doubles the speed (indicated at the bottom of the screen). Each character also has their own unique special, triggered when their special meter is full, which can change the way the ball works after hitting it for a short amount of time. The game has both local and online multiplayer.

Lethal League was featured in the final round of the Mystery Game tournament at the Ultimate Fighting Game Tournament 9, which was held in Chicago, Illinois on May 26, 2013.


Lethal League currently has a total of six playable characters. Each one has their own angle at which they hit the ball and special hit they can perform when their meter is full.


Name: Raptor

Special: Twist around and hit the ball two times in a row, as well as control the timing of the second hit.


Name: Sonata

Special: Control the ball using the directional inputs while it's in the air.


Name: Switch

Special: Perform a heel-flip and then launch the ball at a pre-determined angle.


Name: Latch

Special: Eats the ball and either bunts it or fires it back out when his meter is full.


Name: Candyman

Special: Allows the ball to teleport to the other side of the map when it would normally bounce.


Name: Dice

Special: Controls the arc of the ball with directional inputs.

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