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Lethal League is a multiplayer fighting game made and released on Steam by Reptile Games. In Lethal League, the players' only means of attacking their opponents is with a ricocheting baseball. The original prototype made by Reptile is still playable as a free browser game.

Lethal League is played in a 2D rectangular stage. The 2-4 players will try to hit the ball at their opponents, while avoiding being hit (i.e. knocked out) by the ball themselves. Once a player has hit the ball, they are safe from the ball until someone else hits it. As the ball speed gets exponentially faster, successfully hitting the ball, and avoiding being hit becomes less and less realistic. Each hit automatically increases the speed of the ball, while smash hits (holding Down while swinging) doubles the speed (indicated at the bottom of the screen). The game has both local and online multiplayer.

Lethal League was featured in the final round of the Mystery Game tournament at the Ultimate Fighting Game Tournament 9, which was held in Chicago, Illinois on May 26, 2013.



Type: Human

Age: 15

Bio: Raptor is a rookie in the Lethal

League scene, hailing from the south. Though young, he’s very determined

and fiercely competitive. His weapon

of choice is a metal baseball bat and

his special ability allows him to twist

around and quickly hit the ball two

times in a row.


Type: Robot

Age: 5

Bio: Switch is a skateboarding

ex-working class robot. He uses

his skateboard and skateboard

tricks to hit the ball. He sports

cargo pants to stop filth getting

into his leg joints when speeding

across the city. Very unlike his

old robot peers, he’s carefree,

a daredevil, and he likes a



Type: Mutated human

Age: 28

Bio: Candyman is a tap-dancing

dandy with a big yellow head.

He hits the ball with his cane and

he has a special ability to change

the chemical composition of certain

objects to give them strange and

odd properties due to his mutation.

He’s jazzy, expressive and crazy.

Always enjoying himself too.


Type: Human

Age: 23

Bio: As a renowned b-girl,

Sonata is all about pushing her

body to its physical limits in the

name of showmanship and

impressing her audience. She

joins the game to boost her

recognition and fame. She

wields a giant boombox

hammer effortlessly, owing

to her diligent training.


Type: Cyborg Crocodile

Age: 20

Bio: Latch is a crocodile

outfitted with a mechanical tail.

Enhancements to his spine

and brain allow him to function

in human society. He is in

possession of tremendous

physical as well as mental strength.

His personality is calculated,

his movement is raw.


Type: Human

Age: 19

Bio: Real name Hans Insel,

Dice eschews the typical weapons

of choice for a ping pong paddle

that he wields with uncanny force.

He appears distant at times, but

can be intensely concentrated

whenever he feels the need.

As a Buddhist, Dice is known

for his mental discipline and diligent

physical training.

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