Why are Wipeout 3 and 24: the Game here?

#1 Posted by Eoco (81 posts) -

Why are Wipeout 3 and 24: the Game here, given that no numbers replace letters in the titles?

Also technically a '$' isn't a letter so Hei$t shouldn't be here either.

Call me pedantic, but we want to get this right.

#2 Posted by SamFo (1562 posts) -

I think Hei$t should stay. Its in the same style so it should.

#3 Posted by WindFall259 (369 posts) -

Unless somebody would like to create a "Games with symbols where letters should go," then that game should be there to stay.

24: The Game, however, is beyond my reasoning.

#4 Posted by twenty0ne (3071 posts) -

Fixed. You're welcome.

#5 Posted by SamFo (1562 posts) -

 The description reads:

Games that insist on using a number or symbol as part of the title.

Whoever removed Hei$t did the wrong thing

#6 Posted by Deusoma (3032 posts) -

It's struck again, I just removed that new DS Kingdom Hearts game from the list. The subtitle may be a bizarre mix of random numbers, but none of them replace a letter in a word.

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