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In this side-scrolling platformer/shooter you level up your character by literally going up to the next level. Each level-up earns you some points to spend on upgrades: more health, firepower, new weapons, skills, etc. Also, it's made of voxels, so you can destroy walls and dig tunnels or trenches to hide from enemy fire. The final game features many levels and upgrades, and boss fights where you can blast holes in huge bosses to get to the vulnerable spots inside them.

The game is currently still in development and is in alpha stadium. The developer uses the open source game library Sproxel that has a voxel based game engine.

LEVEL UP! can be downloaded from desura.


Some people mentioned the game Level Up! with the same name and suggested that the author should change the name. As no copyright or trademarks are held on the name, he will not change it. His complete reply : "...copyright is the right to copy the product. It has nothing to do with the name. I knew about that game, but I really like the name, so I always write it all-caps and with an exclamation sign to distinguish it. If the creators of that game will register a trademark and will ask me to change the name, I'll change it."

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