#1 Posted by FiZi (141 posts) -

Does anyone know if this will be coming to anything other than the PS Vita?

Can I play PS Vita downloadable games on a PS3?

#2 Posted by BlackLagoon (1743 posts) -

It's on PlayStation Mobile, so it only works Vita and PlayStation Certified phones and tablets (currently Sony Xperia, HTC One).

#3 Posted by FiZi (141 posts) -

Weak. I hope it gets ported. Want to play it. Don't want to buy a Vita for one game. That's how I ended up with a PSP and 30 Second Hero.

#4 Posted by Ouren (138 posts) -

I have it and played it.

The jumping mechanics are not thought out well or in a fun way, but are really frustrating. There's no way to hop, you just at full height every time. They purposefully put spikes up there. You have to awkwardly double jump out of the full one to hop between things.

The level design does not work well with the screen switching/scrolling that happens.

Overall, it's not good.

#5 Posted by FiZi (141 posts) -

Thanks Ouren for the details. Sounds like I'm not missing out on much. Hopefully they come to Steam Greenlight and tweak things a bit.

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