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Lifetime Subscription

Some MMOs offer lifetime subscriptions. These are generally at a cost which is cheaper than paying for two years of the game itself. The subscription usually lasts for the lifetime of the MMO or the subscriber, whichever is shorter.

Games that have lifetime subscriptions

  • Lord of the Rings Online - Went free-to-play in 2010, three years after launch.
  • Hellgate London - Launched in November 2007, shut down in January 200.
  • Free Realms - A free-to-play game, Free Realms has offered lifetime subscriptions which cost the same as a six month membership.
  • Champions Online - Went free to play in January 2011, roughly 15 months after its release, though lifetime subscriptions are still available.
  • Star Trek Online - Launched in February 2010, switched to free-to-play in February 2012 while still offering a lifetime subscription.
  • DC Universe Online - Launched in January 2011, dropped mandatory subscriptions less than nine months later.
  • The Secret World - Launched in June 2012 and dropped the subscription fee five months later.

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