Extended Jump Festa trailer released.

#1 Posted by Hailinel (25787 posts) -

It contains some of the same footage as the debut trailer that leaked out earlier this week, but it contains more footage and highlights some additional mechanics. Looks like the game has a proper day/night cycle:

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Yes, I realize that there is already a thread for the first trailer, but I didn't want this to get buried in the sea of replies it already has.

#2 Posted by Animasta (14818 posts) -

They really need to touch up that framerate, but beyond that it looks cool.

It occured to me that this game is sort of like the opposite of the SMT view of god (and I guess the other 13 games were too).

#3 Posted by Morrow (1870 posts) -

Although the time limit thing is a huge put off to me, the fact you can finally roam around free in a big city is a huge plus :)

#4 Posted by xyzygy (10592 posts) -

I just realized, maybe they'll make the time limit mechanic work like Majora's Mask. Really hope they don't go the Dead Rising route, but then again I never played enough of that game to really appreciate and get to know the limitations of that game.

#5 Posted by CaptainCharisma (347 posts) -

All I wanted out of these sequels was more Sazh. Either way I'll play this eventually. Hope it's good!

#6 Posted by Morbid_Coffee (974 posts) -

Why does the framerate look even worse in this trailer?

#7 Posted by kerse (2187 posts) -

I really liked 13 and 13-2, but every one of these trailers are just kinda worrying me about the game, I really hope it turns out well.

#8 Posted by Petiew (1378 posts) -

Lots of new info released on the game. Here
There's a dressphere-like system, multiple continents including a wlderness based one with small villages and an expansive desert. Quests, mark hunting and even a weird Yakuza-like restaraunt system. It also says the build used in the trailers is very early, and contains lots of placeholders, so that might explain the bad framerate.

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@Petiew: I just read an article on the game over at Penny Arcade Report, the costume/class change system sounds really interesting. It'll be really interesting to see what a more fleshed-out version of the game looks like when they're ready to show it.

#10 Posted by Petiew (1378 posts) -
@Hailinel: Thanks for the heads up, I just went over there and read the article.
Lightning's DLC battle in XIII-2 didn't feel as satisfying to me as the regular battles with 3 characters so initially I was kind of apprehensive about Lightning being the only character in battle. But the new mechanics definitely do look interesting and hopefully they flesh out the battle system enough. More classes/dresspheres is always a plus.
I'm looking forward to see more of the finished product as well, especially some of the new environments and shops that've been mentioned.
#11 Posted by TobbRobb (5017 posts) -

@Hailinel: @Petiew: You guys are bringers of hope! I'm actually pretty hyped up now. Sounds like it could en up fun.

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I love that she looks completely fucking ridiculous even next to the other people in the game.

#13 Posted by TooWalrus (13321 posts) -

This game is pretty high on my imaginary 'most anticipated' list. Can't wait.

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