Have I screwed up the late-game? (Possible Minor Spoilers)

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I'm about to start Day 8 with "5 days left until the end". As far as I can tell, I've completed all the main quests everywhere as well as almost all of the side and Canvas quests. Just got a couple more to do as far as I can tell. I've killed about half of the last ones (haven't found the way that makes them appear earlier that the game hints at yet but I plan to be on look out for it as I finish the few other side quests I haven't done before looking it up - that said, it hasn't been difficult making the last ones appear by just killing all the enemies I see as I go from place to place and use the stop-time ability). In the upgrading of abilities section, there are some components I haven't found at all despite how far I am and I haven't even seen the ability to upgrade weapons/shields yet (again the game hinted it was possible but it hasn't come up yet).

Have I screwed myself by doing the majority of the quests and a lot of the Last Ones by now? And am I going to still have to play the game multiple times (no big spoilers please) as a lot of people tell me I have to? - at this rate I don't see why I can't complete all of this in the remaining days. Also, if I am as far as I think I am and finish it all in the next day or two, what do you suggest I do for the remaining time (especially if all the enemies are extinct - as they already are for me in half of the Wildlands)?

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Components needed to upgrade your shields and weapons are gained in new game plus. Defeating as many Last Ones now actually helps you. You're good, dude.

I beat the final boss in the first playthrough doing all of the main quests, side quests (minus two that are in the Dead Dunes), and most of the Canvas of Prayers stuff ('bout 60 out of the 80 or so available). On Day 9, you'll get something that links the cities together and makes Soul Seeds easier to farm for, if you care about that. You have plenty of time of just standing around or sleeping in the inns, or maybe looking for any treasure you may have missed or any outfits, adornments, weapons, or garbs you haven't bought yet. Just a lot of checking around for anything you missed when you just want the end to come already. You are all set, buddy.

There may be an additional ending or so that only comes with a new game plus, but don't worry about that (I honestly don't know at the moment), but that can't be helped. You're ready to save the world and all'a dat.

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@rjayb89: Thanks for the info. Good to know there isn't a way of overdoing it and then making myself inadvertently weaker later on (which seemed possible despite it not happening yet). And I think I might know what you're talking about on Day 9 - obviously I haven't got there yet, but I've got a bunch of these items in my Key Items page which says about linking each zone (for instance the Wildlands and Luxerion) so it's probably got something to do with that. (if I had to guess, I'd say they would open those giant obvious blockades that seem to go off into nowhere on the map.)

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@dixavd: Do most the side missions so you wil be able to open up day 14 ... there appears a new dungeon were you will fight one hard of a boss battle and gain a a garb. I recomend tho save all your mega ethers for that ... trust me D:!!!!

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