New Lightning Returns - Wildlands video

#1 Posted by Darji (5412 posts) -

SE released a new 8 minute Video about the Wildlands. You see a town, armor, a boss fight and some explanations about the battle system etc. It is really really good. And I can not wait till it gets released^^

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looks great but f hope

#3 Posted by DocHaus (1723 posts) -

I was curious how they were going to handle gameplay with just one PC. Looks interesting how they chose to handle class (ugh, "paradigm") shifting.

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God damn Hope.....

Edit: oh damn, that combat actually looks..... good! I hadn't seen any of the gameplay of this game yet.... shit, they pulled me right back in....

Lightning's end of battle "hair flip" is fucking stupid though.

#5 Posted by Ares42 (3075 posts) -

I like how they captured the true final fantasy experience by skipping right past the tutorial pop-up.

Seriously though, I was ready to completely ignore this game after XIII-2, but this looked fairly interesting.

#6 Edited by gokaired (581 posts) -
@bigjeffrey said:

looks great but f hope

What you said.

It reminds me of Xenoblade a bit.

#8 Posted by shinjin977 (876 posts) -

For those interested the demo i played was actually really good, at least the combat was good. We still don't know the game pacing, story, the supposed over-world or the amount of content but what they have here could be something special. Remind me of FFx-2, where the combat and mission structure I found to be amazing but the total package wasn't quite at the FFx level.

#9 Edited by Klei (1799 posts) -

I really don't get what you guys are seeing in this, but to me, this looks pretty ordinary.

#10 Posted by Demoskinos (16438 posts) -

Im really excited about this but also going to wait until the game drops to actually watch anything about it.


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