They turned Lightning into a floppy DoA caricature

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I like Lightning and they didn't had to make her boobs bigger for me.. I'll go sit in a corner now.

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Wait, why don't they just make a prequel where Lightning is an 18 year old high school senior who's tsundere towards the class clown?

That's the final fantasy I want to play.

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just found this on did you know gaming

maybe if they originally wanted a say scantly clad woman in the lead roll this could be there way of going back to it. it would still be stupid but is still a reason

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@mandude said:

Final Fucking Fantasy

That's something else.

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@mandude said:

Final Fucking Fantasy

That's something else.

Done. Lets do it but with FF fan base in japan this is what you will get, not what you are thinking.

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@lord_canti: I've always wondered what her accent is? That's my real question not some boob size.

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I like boobs.

Seriously though, I think the original Lightning designs were probably the best Final Fantasy character designs in years. Sexy but not overly sexualized

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@bigjeffrey: Vanille and Fang are Fantasy Australian.

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@fattony12000: That's the one with the 3 books?


It sure is! It's the newly released version which they are printing more than 12 copies of this time. Not a bad price either.

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@rebgav said:

@brodehouse said:

I liked DmC because it was laden with sex and smut, because they can do sex well.

Was it?! I played that game all the way through and I don't remember any of that. The one scene with Mundus and his babymama, that's all I recall.

I have a shit memory, but I think there were brief shots of a threesome with Dante and two exotic dancers at the beginning?

Not much, but it counts!

I'm not necessarily talking about straight up fucking, but DmC is a very... sexy game. It's a game where kink is always simmering just below the surface. As @demoskinos said, Dante is largely a sex object, and the game is almost better for it. That game is anonymous, drug-fueled sex with strangers while industrial metal plays, that's the spirit of that game. Final Fantasy is a shonen action series stretched out to a marathon length, where teenagers learn responsibility (to save the world, of course) and we all learn to fear effeminate white-haired pretty boys. One is an appropriate venue for your characters to attempt to seduce the player... the other, not so much.

If you want to keep this about female examples, change Bayonetta for Dante. She's also mostly a sex object, she actually has a move where the whole point seems seductive, and that's kind of WHY that game works. I'm all for celebrating sex in games where sex is kind of the point. Not in a game with a T rating that's about saving the world from this week's divinely powered death lord.

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@dallas_raines: So you're judging personality based on cup size and outfit?

He must be American.

Wait, I'm American.

Lightning has a great personality...because boobs.

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