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Revenge of the Cie'th 1

Does George Lucas moonlight for Square Enix? That was one of the questions I was asking myself after the 50 or so hours I had thrown at their latest and (hopefully) final entry in the Final Fantasy XIII series. There truly is something uncanny in how both this and Lucas’ embarrassing prequels follow a similar trajectory; a desperately poor first attempt, a slightly better but still quite rotten follow up, and now this, the best of the bunch, but only by virtue of the staggering ineptitude ...

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Maybe not for everyone, but one of my favorite JRPGs this generation 1

The game's protagonist, Lightning.As you probably guessed from the name, Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII returns the lead protagonist role to Claire “Lightning” Farron, a stoic yet tough woman who finds herself constantly embroiled in the matters of gods and the state of the world. This game takes place some 500 years after the events of XIII-2, when the Chaos was released and began to overrun the world. Everyone who survived found that they no longer aged and can only die from...

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Nier & FFX-2 had a baby, and her name is Lightning. 0

Final Fantasy XIII was, in my opinion, a great game, and even a great Final Fantasy game. I know a lot of people disagree with me for legitimate reasons, so I won’t bother defending it anymore. Besides, if you’re here reading about Lightning Returns, you must have thought FFXIII and XIII-2 were at least passable. Otherwise you’re just trolling and I will ask you to leave us in peace. Go back to threatening COD developers’ families on Twitter because they nerfed your favor...

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Lightning Returns Final Fantasy XIII Review 0

This may just be the last nail in Final Fantasy's coffin, I was actually really hyped for this game. In the end however the only good thing about this game is seeing the attractive Lightning Farron dressed like classic protagonist of Final Fantasy 7 Cloud Strife.The gameplay managed to be worse then XIII-2, why the original Final Fantasy XIII was at least playable with a great story but lacked gameplay, XIII-2 kept the lacking gameplay but got rid of the great story XIII had, and now Lightning ...

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