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After beating the game I took the time to type out the credits. I'm never going to have the time or drive to enter them all into Giantbomb so I figured why not post them here. Who ever wants to do the work can get a whack of experience.

Created and Directed by: Arnt Jensen

Director of Development: Dino Christian Patti

Producer: Mads Wibroe

Art: Morten Bramsen

Sound Designer and Composer: Martin Stig Andersen

Boy Programming and Animations: Thomas Krog

Lead Game and Level Designer: Jeppe Carlsen

Design and Scripting: Peter Buchardt, Laurids Thalund Binderup, Jakob Hansson, Steven Poulsen

Programmers: Kristian Kkems, Monty Melbye, Poul-Jesper Olsen, Soren Trautner Madsen, Kim Riber, Jacob Schou Jensen, Steen Lund, Lars Peter G. Christiansen, Ebbe G.H. Brandstrup, Esben Lundsager Hansen

Animator: Stine Sorensen

QA Manager: Peter Buchardt

Lead Testers: Daniel Traun, Michael Magling

Technical Production COnsultant: Finn Nielsen

Legal Counsel: Alex Chapman, Kim G. Hansen, Vincent Scheurer, Rasmus Hoffery Nielsen

PR: Eddiemae Jukes, Ryan Morgan

Gameplay Testers

Ahmed Al Aqtash

Anders Hojsted

Andreas Normand Grontved

Anthon Jensen

Benjamin MA

Bo Bertelsen

Caspar Strandbygaard

Christa Matzau

Christian Klove

Christian Schubert

Erling Otto

Frederik Hermund

Gustav Lovendahl Sorensen

Hans Henrik Hvoslef

Hans von Kunt Skovfoged

Henrik Bo Hoffmann Carlsen

Henrik Skov Jakobsen

Hussein Abbas

Jacob Bundgaard

Jacob Baagoe Fredelokke

Jacob Kindberg

Jamala A. Khan

Jeppe Kilberg Moller

Jeppe NorskerJesper Krogh Kristiansen

Jesper Nielsen

Johnny Overgaard Haarup

Jonas Larsen

Keith Gondwe

Kenneth Harder

Kenneth Norbak

Kenny Laffrenzen

Jim Etzerodt

Kim Kragh

Kim Svendsen

Klaus Holt Jensen

Kristian W. Torgard

Lars Erik T. Kristiansen

Lasse Herbst

Lucas Dechow

Mads Johnannes Nielsen

Magnus Poppel

Martin Korff

Martin Nebelong Henningsen

Mathlide Weien

Mikael Valsted Sorensen

Mikkel Bohoj

Mikki Ronnenberg

Mirko Scherf

Morten Keblovszki

Nikolaj Wendt

Nils Iver Holtar

Patricia Biolzi

Peter Bom Jensen

Peter Dahl Ejby Jenseon

Peter Olsen

Philip Concillado

Rasmus Lonne

Rasmus Raakjar Vind

Rasmus Steinmetz

Redouane Mehklouf

Rene Kielsgaard Hansen

Sara Victor Hansen

Simon Altschuler

Simon Uhl Nielsen

Stefan N. Hoffmann

Stefan N. Friis

Steven G Poulsen

Stinus Mohl Thmsen

Soren Beier

Tazio Coolidge

Thmas Brinch Pedersen

Thmas Christian Dehn

Tim Michell Andersen

Tobias Jacobsen

Toke Uthaug Rasmussen

Tom Hastjarjanto

Tom Mork Christensen

Vincent Appel

Xavier Lafont

Xbox Live Arcade Team

Producer: Andrew Williams

Test Lead: Daniel Smith

Reslease Manager: Josh Mulanax

Software Test Manager: Matt Golz

Product Planning and Business Team: Cherie Lutz

Marketing: Justin Mier, Jennifer Yi

PR: Regan O'Leary, Debbie Frey

User Research: Marc Todd

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