Limbo as an adventure game; Limbo as a puzzle game

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I just completed Limbo and I must say I thought it was terrific. I'd gush, but by now most people have already formed their strong opinions on the game.
That said, there is one part I thought would be worth discussing, basically the dichotomy of the first and second half of the game.
The first half of the game introduced this very interesting world filled with many mysterious living creatures. A storyline is hinted at, followed by the introduction of many concepts and characters. This part of Limbo is a fantastic adventure game, reminding me of that sense of paranoia from Lord of the Flies, but also the intrigue and mysteries of something more mythical like LOST.  Needless to say, I loved where this was going. Oh, and there are, also, some pretty interesting puzzles and platforming elements found up to this point.
In the second half of the game, most of these living creatures/characters are substituted by machines, mechanical devices and other inanimate objects. At this point, the puzzles become much more intriguing (and difficult!), but any sense of narrative is lost. Here, I feel like this interesting adventure game is transformed into a clever puzzle game.  There are certainly pluses and conses to both these sides, but personally I was disappointed by the lack of strong direction in the second half.  In my opinion, the ending was fantastic but it doesn't change my stance on the second half of the game.
What did you guys think of the game's structure? Did you prefer the more narrative-heavy (relatively speaking) part of Limbo, or the more puzzle-heavy half?
This dichotomy is enough to push this game out of my potential top 5 of the year, though I still loved it. Had the game been able to continue at the pace it began, this could have been perhaps one of my favourite games. Bioshock also comes to mind. A fantastic first half, but following the "twist", I found the game predictable and uninspired. Shadow of the Colossus managed to maintain its sense of intrigue thanks to the unravelling of plot details  as you continued slaying the monsters.. but I digress...
What did you guys think of the structure of this fascinating game?

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Yeah, the first half definately flowed better than the second, simply because you weren't scratching your head every 5 minutes or using trial and error for some fucking gravity puzzle.
With that being said, I still enjoyed the second half.

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