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I had some left over points after "Saving" the rest for Hydro and Castlevania. So I bought the theme last night. It's pretty cool but wasn't as trippy as I thought it would be. But to be honest I have had horrible themes in the past and at this point I was sick of using the really bland FF13 one. The themes have been a big disappointment hell my gf uses a Halo one because that is the best one she thought and it's terrible.  I'll see if I can take some screen shots when I get home not sure how it will turn out since I don't have a "REAL" camera for anyone that is interested.
PS - If you know if a really good theme that I have over looked let me know. I used to love the old blade set up with the G1 Transformers but with the way the dash looks now it's terrible looking with it.

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#2 Posted by Andrela (595 posts) -

I just use the night one that comes as standard. Never seen a theme that merited spending money on it

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#3 Posted by ajamafalous (13317 posts) -
@Andrela said:
" I just use the night one that comes as standard. Never seen a theme that merited spending money on it "
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#4 Posted by VoodooTerror (612 posts) -

i have a great left 4 dead that came free with an xbox magazine, there's even a green glow on the friends list to "zombify" the avatars up

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#5 Posted by c1337us (5877 posts) -
@Andrela said:
" I just use the night one that comes as standard. Never seen a theme that merited spending money on it "
Same here.
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#6 Posted by Avisole (26 posts) -

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#7 Posted by ScottishGamer (219 posts) -
@Avisole said:
" "
Thats a cool site. Its annoying that you are unable to preview the themes. At best there is a tiny picture to show you what it looks like. 
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The Fallout 3 one is good. I've been using it for a while. So is one of the COD:WAW themes (the Nazi Zombie one, I think). But I agree overall - quite a lot of crappy ones. Would be nice if they had a sort of Theme Designer on the dashboard.

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I use the 1 vs 100 one, that shit is hot and it was free

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Yea I bought the LIMBO theme as well. Kinda disappointing but it still makes my dash creepy as hell. 

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#11 Posted by Kiemoe (1094 posts) -

It's all about Meet the Volkswagons, in my opinion.

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#12 Posted by DrPockets000 (2877 posts) -

I've been using the Fallout 3 one, but I did get the Limbo one and I like it.

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The only premium theme I have ever bought was ATHF, and I still use it.

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The Limbo one is alright, I just wish they had a changing background for channels that I actually visit...

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@dunderri: I agree, It would also be hot if you visit a friends profile you could see there theme.
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I use the bright falls theme that came with Alan Wake, it's very nice and I would probably have paid for it.

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I only ever use ones that came free or ones I put on there through my computer. I've paid for one or two in the past and it was never worth it.

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