New content in PSN version?

#1 Posted by RainVillain (707 posts) -

Played and beat XBLA version and loved it. wondering if psn has new content at all.

#2 Posted by pantzing_nome (601 posts) -

Im pretty sure it's the same as the xbla version

#3 Posted by Vexxan (4627 posts) -

I hope not, I love Limbo and don't wanna miss anything about it. Pretty sure it'll be exactly the same as the 360 version thou.

#4 Edited by Maajin (1149 posts) -

It does, but probably not worth playing just for it.

It's a room that opens after you find every egg, at the place where you get the "Alone in The Dark" achievement/trophy. There is also a hidden trophy to find it. Don't know what you'll find in the room, though.

#5 Posted by Azteris (824 posts) -

It's basically a challenge room. You have to navigate large sections in the dark using only sound to dodge traps from the game (turrets, saws, worm/worm eaters. I'm almost done with it and its not anything breathtaking.

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