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A boy awakens unto a grayscale world

In a dark grayscale forest a pair of eyes open to the black world.   A boy awakens and departs into the silhouetted landscape. Towards an unknown and distant goal, driven by a hidden desire, a lonely journey begins, one fraught with danger. Fearsome terrifying creatures hunt the boy, vicious traps lay in his path, mysteries advisories stalk his ever move. Surviving against the darkness the boy moves ever forward, on to a dream.

Limbo is something hard to explain, it’s not simply a game, but an experience. Something that must been played to truly understand.   With no dialog or traditional narrative to speak of, no music, no direction of any kind. Limbo is a bleak haunting voyage through a black and white world, filled with brutal shocking deaths, and masterful puzzles, the physics and environmental based riddles are ingenious, truly mind bending. They challenge and ultimately provide a great eureka flash; a moment of clarity as an intimidating challenge finally clicks and the pieces fall into place.

Visually stunning in black and gray, the forest and caves are jaw dropping in there haunting beauty, and spine-chilling atmosphere. An audio field of chirping birds and rustling trees further grasps and entangles.  Death comes fast and unexpected, at every turn bloody pitfalls, enormous bloodthirsty monsters, and dark foes lurk. Each death is a brutal dark scene, a violent vision of pain and failure.

Limbo is truly special; nothing like it has ever graced gaming. It’s a black violent dream of a boys adventure in to the unknown. The narrative is subtle and hidden, but it tells a story nonetheless, a strange mysteries tale of survival and perhaps even love.

A masterpiece of unquestionable quality, it transcends its medium and ascends to interactive art. A sure game of the year contender, and further evidence of the power of digital distributed gaming, Limbo is gorgeous, lonely, engrossing, and above all else and incredibly powerful experience.


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