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Dark and moving...

The first thing you notice about Limbo is how unique the art style of this game is; the second, that you control a little boy. It won't be too much longer before you see him die - and then die again, and again - and by the time you are 20 minutes in, you have seen him die in so many different ways, you don't know whether to be horrified at the continual grotesqueries which befall the boy, or mesremised by the many and varied ways which have been programmed for him to meet his end. 
While you swing between these twin notions, you will begin to appreciate just how well designed the puzzles in this game are - and by the time you have spent a couple of hours playing, you will begin asking yourself if the genius that are Portals puzzles are really as untouchable as you have always thought...  
Go and buy this game. Now.  


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