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fantastically short

When first firing this game up my jaw dropped from the gorgeous visuals, and fluid motion. The style oozed a film noir I've been dying to see in a  game, and the puzzles took over the majority of my time. But that time was sadly far too short as I soon realized that the game itself is really only a few hours long at most. I applaud Playdead for making such a unique experience, and can only hope it expands to something a tad longer...

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    I'm not going to waste your time. This game is great and if you have a few spare hours, I have a hard time thinking you would call playing this game a waste.The first thing I will touch on is the gameplay. You have two commands: jump and grab. But the control scheme is just a way for you to focus on the mechanics. We're looking at physics-based puzzle solving here. Usually the first game that comes to mind when I say "physics-based puzzle solving" is Half-Life 2. Unlike that game, this is 2D an...

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