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This state of mind, makes me feel more real, than ever.

You awaken in a quiet darkness. You can barely see five feet in front of you. All you remember is that your sister was right around that tree trunk, digging... Wait a minute... Where is she? Where did she go?!

You think to yourself, "How long was I asleep? Wait, what time is it?" You get up from the warm body shaped indent under a massive Oak. You walk to the left and there is only this blockade, and next to it an egg. You try to pick it up, but as soon as you touch it, it breaks, leaving nothing but an empty shell still shining in the pale embrace of the brush.

You leave the shell, turn around, and continue your journey forward. The bleak and stark forest you traverse slowly opens up to an almost barren field. The branches and rocks laying untouched and unbothered lead you to a jerry-rigged bridge, for a lack of a better term. There seems to be no way to reach the top of the planks to cross. You notice a box, tethered to the planks, which you try to move. Your push doesn't work. You pull it, and there it comes with you. The box moves just far enough for you to get on top of it, and then onto the planks.

As you walk farther and farther out, you see an actual end. Examining the edge, you notice a make-shift ladder attached and holding two pieces of wood together. You hop down, and the sudden shift of weight causes the wood to teeter and sway. The rush of anxiety you get just fuels you to go farther on. Is there an end to this nightmare in which you have lost your sister? Only you may find out.

That was just the first 2 to 3 minutes of Limbo, a Summer of Arcade Xbox Live title. There is little to no difference between my and the games story, except the game tells you nothing. I mean that there is little sound except for the crunching of the ground, and little surroundings. This is perfect for a puzzle platformer.

You will continue this boy's journey by hopping, pushing, pulling, swimming, and most importantly conquering the fear this whole game drops you into. It tests your limit for pain, frustration, and all around patiences with hard tricky puzzles. They test you in new and complicated was that will break you down and make you feel stupid, but by figuring them out, you feel like you can rule the world.

I absolutely loved this game. 5 out of 5. Hands down.


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