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Why Limbo Sucked

With all the end-of-year awards popping up now, I figured I should finally let my complete and utter distaste for this game out of hiding.  The source of my loathing is very simple: When you begin a new game of Limbo, there is absolutely no indication of when the game has actually started.  It just transitions into a completely black screen.  How are you supposed to know that there is a boy sleeping on the ground with his eyes closed?  After waiting for something to happen for a few minutes, I finally started pushing buttons, to no avail.  It wasn't until I randomly moved the left stick that the boy opened his eyes and stood up, letting me know that there was something other than the color black on my screen.
After that it was all downhill.  From traps that are unavoidable because they are indistinguishable from the foliage to monsters that made no sense until they killed you several times, Limbo does not let you have fun until you already know everything about it.  Don't think I hate all hard games, I loved Braid, and Super Meat Boy is fun as hell.  Yes, in Braid you also start as a guy sleeping (knocked out?) on the floor, but at least you know there's someone there to move.  And in Super Meat Boy (and almost every other platformer that is good), when you die, it's because YOU messed up, not that the game kills you uncontrollably.  Limbo couldn't give you a little pop-up at the beginning that says, "Hey, the game has started, move the stick" or something? 
Maybe it's just that I don't have time for games that don't let you mess up on your own anymore?  Whatever the reason, I will not stop recommending that no one plays this game.

Posted by pops978

What? You're complaining about the stuff that makes the game awesome.
I realize everyone has their own opinion, but the developers started the game the way they did to maintain the atmosphere. I mean, think about it. If some sort of instruction bubble popped up, it might take you out of the experience, right? Personally, I loved the beginning, and it was really intriguing to figure out controls by yourself. You kind of get a taste of what the protagonist is going through, feeling a bit of mystery. Also, it was pretty clear at the get-go that there was a boy on the ground. 
And, also, the way it was hard to see the traps and the way you didn't immediately know how to kill monsters is what the developers called "trial and death". You have to get killed to figure things 
out in this game.
 Frankly, it just sounds to me like you suck at playing video games, and you do not understand the beauty and purity of this one.

Edited by Skywarpgold
@pops978: Awesome to you maybe.  It was NOT clear there was somebody lying down on the ground when I started the game.  It was completely black.  Maybe my brightness/contrast was set in such a way that I could not see an outline, but the game should have had a gamma slider to start, like many other games do, Amnesia being the most recent that I can think of. 
That's funny that you think I suck at video games.  Maybe you noticed how I mentioned loving Braid?  I beat that in one sitting in six hours.  I just recently got VVVVVV, and already found four of the crew members, within two hours of playtime. I've been playing games consistently since the Apple II days, and have played TONS of games where you have to die a bunch before you get past things.  Doing that in this game just was not fun. 
EDIT: I also got all 121 stars in Mario Galaxy, but I don't need to prove myself to you, I'm just sayin'.
Posted by pops978

All right, all right, I was just getting worked up. I apologize. It sounds like you're pretty good at games, and you have a good taste in them, but it's just a bit hard to wrap my head around some of your complaints with LIMBO. I like the game a lot. And, also, you may already know this, but you can adjust the brightness in the options, maybe that will make your experience a little more enjoyable.

Posted by Skywarpgold
@pops978: lol, no worries, I was too.  I suppose I should go back and change the settings and see if it makes a difference.

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