This, children, is why we can't have anything good these days.

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Link: The Faces of Evil has a lot of problems. Make no mistake about it. There is indeed a reason as to why the game and its other CD-i cohorts aren't exactly a part of the official canon these days. Recently, however, I think I found the root of all of the issues. It's not the gameplay, the cutscenes, the voice acting or any of that stuff. No, I present to you all the real culprit below:

Just look at Link's face in that ending screenshot. Just what sort of demonic thing is he really thinking about? Clearly, something is pleasing him and he's not letting the rest of us in on it. I think it's the fact that we're left never knowing what's happening in his psyche, what dastardly things he's pondering at that moment, really, that makes the game as bad as it is. Agree? Disagree? Discuss.
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I lol'd but, dude ... why?  And how did you even find this?

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 Link's a player
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I totally know what Link is thinking about but this is a family-related forum...

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 Gee, it sure is boring around here.
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and as link and squadala man's eyes met, they shared the same thoughts. both with a smile to scare a child,they planned. with 2 men,1 women, 1 carpet, a new creature was born....1carpet1girl.
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@doomguy77 said:
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wat is this i dont even

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Lets all be honest here: buttsecks

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Haha, I loved when AVGN reviewed these.

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To give this thread a more serious reply, Link's not the only one that's creepy. I think his journey seriously affected him. For instance, 

 One "happy" pig

 His happy rear

 His happy...umm...

 Oh god, Link! What have you done?!
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*Waits for somebody to post a Zelda related Youtube Poop*

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@JackiJinx: True, when you put it that way, then Link's insanity is understandable. Perhaps in secret, these games are chronicling his slow journey into the depths of insanity and despair. The pig sequence is therefore symbolic of his first encounter with Salvador Dali's Persistence of Memory. Link just may be the most tragic hero to have graced video games.
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@Emandudeguyperson said:

" *Waits for somebody to post a Zelda related Youtube Poop* "

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@slinky6: You, sir, have brightened up my day.
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No wonder why stuff like this is so popular

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