fisher81's Linkin Park 8-Bit Rebellion! (iPhone) review

An unexpected gem.

I’ve had my iPod Touch for a little less than a month, but I’ve tried out a lot of the applications that are available. From free games, such as Paper Toss and Papi Jump, to paid games, such as Rock Band and Assassin’s Creed. I just want to set the tone for the rest of this review with the following sentence: Linkin Park 8-Bit Rebellion is, arguably, the best game on the iTunes Store.

I’m a huge Linkin Park fan, and that was a 100% deciding factor when I bought this game. While it’s true that the game involves Linkin Park and the plot involves their music, this story really has little else to do with the band.

The game begins with your customized character being recruited by Jess, a member of the Linkin Park Underground, to assist the band in attaining a song that has been stolen by Pixxelkorp. Pixxelkorp is an evil corporation that is trying to turn everything hi-def, and ruin the “awesomeness” of the 8-bit world.

This game plays like I remember a lot of old school platformers. It especially brought back memories of Mario is Missing for the SNES. The plot involved the main character completing quests for supporting characters to retrieve pieces to solve the problem and find the stolen disk.

The NPCs in 8-bit Rebellion are given hilarious dialogue that, at times, had me laughing out loud. From the extremely obese, make-up obsessed girl named “TeamEdward97″—whose best friends are werewolves, I hear— to the random baby that threatens to kill you if you look at it for too long.

The gameplay is pretty simple. You can use either the “touch” controls or select an on-screen D-Pad. I found the latter about 30 times better, as attempting to attack with touch controls was usually unresponsive.  You can attack the hostile NPCs with a wide array of weapons, including a flamethrower, a lightsaber, and a laser rifle.

While the game is outstanding in its retro presentation, there are a few major flaws. The aforementioned touch screen controls seem to be unresponsive at points, and call for the user to switch to the d-pad controls. The most infuriating problem with this game is that if you create an online profile for your character, you will have to log in to be able to access that character. While this may seem as no problem for iPhone users, iPod Touch users will have to find a wireless network to access the game. This proved to be a significant problem when trying to play the game at school.

Despite those flaws, Linkin Park 8-bit Rebellion is an outstanding effort on the iTunes App Store. The game provides an exhilarating experience on the iPhone, where most games are watered down. 8-bit Rebellion also adds the culture of Linkin Park through characters and 8-bit remixed soundtrack, while leaving the game open enough to entice those who may not be fans of the band. For $4.99, I really can’t say enough that this game is as close to a must buy as you can get on the iPhone.

Posted by habster3

I've been curious about this one. Not a huge Linkin Park fan, though.

Posted by fisher81

I feel like this game is very accessible to those who don't like Linkin Park as well. The 8-bit versions of the songs sound like a genuine SNES soundtrack.

Posted by MaskedGamer

Personally I think Linkin Park is horrible ( bunch of guys whining about how they're so good ) but the 8-bit soundtrack is great

Posted by Landon

Any game that brings up memories of Mario Is Missing is a huge turn off for me.

Posted by Hobbaswaggle

It's hard to go wrong with 8-bit anything....right?

Posted by AwesomeRory

this review is EXCELLENT!
I cant truly give a thumbs up or down on this, but after I pay off my credit card I will get this game just because of this review

Posted by CoheedFavorHouse

I've seen it played, and I'm not quite sure I'd dig the game personally, but this seems to be a pretty fair representation of the game. I guess it's a plus to like the band, too.

Posted by DystopiaX

what's the price on this one?

Posted by fisher81
@DystopiaX said:
" what's the price on this one? "
Posted by ShaunassNZ

might get maybe. 

Posted by galerian

You are not supposed to play games at school :P

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