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Link's Crossbow Traing Review

Link's Crossbow Training comes with the Wii Zapper for $20. While it can be played without it, the game was designed to utalize the Wii Zapper. "B" is to shoot, "Z" is to zoom, and You use the control stick to move. 

There are nine levels, with three challenges each. There are three types of stages. "Target Shooting" has you shooting mostly targets, with the occasional enemy. "Defender" has you in a stand still and aim around you. "Ranger" has you walking around trying to to kill a set amount of enemies. The latter is my least favorite stage, due to the difficulty of using the control stick and aiming at the same time. 

The game is set in the "Twilight Princess" universe, so naturally the graphics are the same as that game. The game has good music and sound effects, but neither are memorable. The game's value is great based on the price, but decreased by its short length.

That's the review. I recommend this game to fans-of shooting games. The "Defender" and "Target Shooting" stages are good examples of how the Wii Zapper would be good for light-gun games, but the "Ranger Stages" do not show good signs for how it will work with traditional shooters.

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