tissueshoe's Link's Crossbow Training (Wii Zapper Bundle) (Wii) review

A neat pack-in game that's fun despite the awkwardness.

Positive: - Zapper is fun to use - revisiting worlds from Twilight Princess is great - most levels are worth re-playing - it's (technically) FREE! -

Negative: - Zapper feels clunky and awkward for awhile - only takes about an hour to beat all the levels -

Finally, Nintendo has realeased their Zapper controller, and it comes with a pack-in game called Link's Crossbow Training. In the game, you go back to many of the memorable locations from Twilight Princess such as the Bridge of Eldin, City in the Sky, and Arbiter's Grounds. This is a pretty refreshing experience if you haven't played Twilight Princess for awhile. In these locations, you either shoot targets that pop up on screen, defend yourself from enemies, or walk through areas and defeat a certain number of enemies.

The game is really short, but there are over twenty levels, most of which you will find to be worth re-playing. The Zapper controller is really cool, but it feels very clunky and awkward and takes some getting used to. I couldn't decide which way to hold it, both ways felt so strange! Moving with the control stick when using the Zapper is a pain as well and you don't get a good sense of direction when you're already trying to aim with it. The Zapper definitely takes some getting used to, but it's a cool controller and is still really fun to use. Link's Crossbow Training also has a multiplayer mode where you switch off with one controller and see who gets the best scores on any of the game's levels.

Link's Crossbow Training is a pretty fun game and the Zapper is a pretty neat controller too. It feels pretty awkward, but it's still very fun to use. The game's levels are very cool as well and the locations are excellent. Overall, this is a very fun game. It may be worth the $20 even if, like me, you're not planning on getting any other games that use the Zapper.

Gameplay: 8
Graphics: 9
Sound: 9
Value: 7
(this does not necessarily effect the overall score)
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