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Lionela is a traveling puppeteer who performs a stand-up puppet show with her two dolls, Aranya (white doll) and Horoholo (black doll). Lionela is very shy and despite performing in front of a crowd of people with her puppet show. She tends to stammer a lot during conversations, not know what words to say and tends to run away from people.

In her first performance in Arland, she gets scared after finishing her performance and runs off, dropping her wallet in the process. Rorona retrieves the wallet and returns it to Lionela a few days later. Lionela is thankful for Rorona's act of kindness and quickly becomes friends with her.

If the player successfully earns triggers her flags in the game, Lionela's confidence and friendship builds to a point where one day, she finds that her dolls stopped talking back to her. After a through interrogation by Astrid, it turns out that Lionela herself has self-consciously been providing the voices to her dolls because she was lonely and used the dolls to comfort her as "friends". The dolls thought that she had gotten over them when they saw her friendship with Rorona grow, but Lionela still had strong feelings for them. At the end of the Atelier Rorona, if the player follows Lionela's flags, she asks Rorona to join her in her stand-up puppet show as they travel out of Arland.


Lionela is a playable character in Atelier Rorona and can be recruited to the player's party to battle and venture to locations outside of Arland. Her normal attack is throwing both of her dolls at the enemy. Lionela's have two types of skills for use in battle, heal and elemental attack. She commands Horoholo to deal damage and side elemental effects to the targeted enemies, and commands Aranya to heal to any member of the party to replenish their HP.

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