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Liquid Kids is a spin-off of Namco's classic Bubble Bobble. You play Hipopo, a platypus (although he's said to be a hippo) who is trying to save his fellow hippos, as well as Tamasun- Hipopo's love interest- from the Fire Devil.


Basic gameplay consists of jumping and throwing bubbles. Unlike Bub and Bob's
bubbles, Hipopo's bubbles don't float up. In fact, they are filled with water and pop as
If I had a nickel for every time...
soon as they hit something. After popping, water flows out and freezes any enemies it touches (enemies will appear out of fiery portals). If you throw too rapidly, the bubbles will become small and ineffective until you give it a rest. You can hold the throw button down to charge your bubble. Doing so will increase the size of the bubble, thus letting the water flow further than it would otherwise. Once an enemy is frozen, you must touch them to defeat them. The enemy is then kicked at a high speed, killing any enemies in the way. Wait too long and they regain consciousness and continue fighting. Most enemies are specific to the level, though there are a few that you'll see throughout. Levels without bosses are won by freeing a hippo
at the end of the level. Each world has three levels (or two if you choose the right
doors) and each world has a boss. At the end of every boss fight, you have a choice of two doors. They both lead you to the next world, but one brings you
to the start, while
one brings you a little further in. Make it through all the worlds to finally face off against the Fire Devil.


Throughout the game you will find items as well. They typically appear out of nowhere, though not all of them do. Items usually temporarily increase your water power (so you don't have to charge), increase your run speed, clear the screen of enemies, or just give you some points. Some of the items you will find are roller skates, buckets of water, pig heads, lightning bolts and lots of food.

Harp hippo relaxing-- er, imprisoned at home.

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