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Little Eddie is the first boss of MadWorld found in the Varrigan City Station area. The announcers of the game are quick to point out the irony of his name considering he's not so little. He's large enough to fit comfortably on a flatbed train car and toss around a huge spiked ball and chain with little problem. His striped clothes, chains and handcuffs portray him as a brutish prisoner brought out to compete in the Deathwatch games at the rank of 198. His constant drooling and speech pattern shows he lacks intelligence.

Fighting Style

Eddie is big and slow. He takes his time to wind up before doing just about anything and especially when he's swinging his ball and chain. Besides his weapon, he also tries to jump and crash down on Jack to flatten him. He also has a grab move that doubles as a power struggle. Breaking free of Eddie's clutches gets him a chainsaw in the mouth and takes off a large portion of his health bar.
The finisher for Little Eddie involves takes his ball and chain away and swinging in in a circle, pounding his face repeatedly. After dozens of hits, Jack brings the ball and chain down on Eddie's head, completely crushing his skull and finishing the battle.

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