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Little Fighter 2 is a game for the PC that is freely acquired via download and It was created by Marti Wong and Starsky Wongin 1999, and was released in a long series of updates. 
It is a Beat 'em up, therefore you choose one of the 11 playable characters (excluding the 13 unlockable via typing "" at the character select screen) and you face-off against many other weaker characters or another main playable (depending on the game mode).
The game can be played with up to 4 human-controlled players on one PC, having a maximum of 8 main characters using online play or AI-controlled.  The online is used by inputting the IP address of the person you want to play with.

The game has an official sequel: Little Fighter Online and to celebrate Little Fighter 2's tenth anniversary, version 2.0 was released September 12th, 2008.  The update fixed minor bugs, added music, added a recording feature, revamped the menus and added a new mode named 'Survival.'


In LF2, movement is done by the set up, down, left and right keys.  There are 3 action buttons to make your character perform an action: defend, jump and attack.  Getting attacked or successfully hitting another character will deplete the respective character's HP, represented as the red bar on the HUD (heads-up display).  Characters have special attacks that can be done by pressing a certain combination of the keys, generally starting with defend (for example: Defend, right, attack to throw a fireball).  These special attacks deplete the character's MP, represented as a blue bar below the red one. 
There are 4 difficulty settings that can be set to the AI: Easy, Normal, Hard and CRAZY!.

Items frequently fall into the screen to be used by a player.  Most of these items are for offensive uses (crates, boulders, knives, boomerangs...) but occasionally a bottle of beer or milk will fall and can be used to restore MP or HP respectively.  The bottles can also be used to attack your opponent via throwing.  These items are not permanent as they will break when used a certain number of times.

Game Modes

There are 5 game modes in LF2 that are accessed by the in-game menu:
  1. VS. Mode: You choose your character, the AI-controlled ones, the background and the music to fight in
  2. Stage Mode: You and up to 7 other players fight through five stages were you must clear wave after wave of enemies that get stronger as you continue.  You can rescue other characters that are tied up in this mode by hitting them and they will follow you and help you.  There are occasional bosses in this stage as well.  You choose the stage and difficulty you want when you enter this mode.
  3. Championship Mode: This is a tournament mode that sets up a bracket.  There are 2 variations of this mode: 1 on 1 championship, where you fight individually and 2 on 2 championship, where you team up with another character.
  4. Battle Mode: You choose your character and customize your team, choosing the number of minion characters and items, and you go up against the other team.
  5. Survival: Accessed in Stage Mode, Survival pits you and up to 7 other characters against an endless wave of enemies that get stronger as you continue.  Unlike Stage mode, the background never changes.

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