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Little Fighter is a non story brawler developed by Marti Wong. 
In game photo. Blue bars are MP, red bars are HP.

You pick a character and start fighting. Each of the characters have several different moves, character specific and general ones so you need to learn to play with the different characters in the game. The object is to defeat the enemy (enemies).  



There are a total of 11 different characters, with 3 special moves each.  Special moves drain Mana Points.
 Picture of fighters, along with special moves, and their MP cost.

8 fighters can on the screen at the same time, and 3 of the can be controlled by people using the same keyboard. You can play in championships, or in team battles.


 Picture of 1 on 1 in a tournament mode.
There are 3 different battle modes in this game:
Team Matches
Elimination Tournament Matches

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