What Is This Game?

#1 Posted by Mitch0712 (580 posts) -

Is there any info on what kind of game this is? I just know it involves a fireplace.

#2 Posted by killacam (1320 posts) -

it's out on steam and wii u on sunday, but if you preorder on steam you can download the final beta... which may or may not be, but definitely seems like, the actual game. and having played for half an hour i really can't tell you much more about it than you already know.

#3 Posted by Reasonableman (21 posts) -

It's... not really a game, exactly. It's more of a toy that sort of tells a story. If anything it's an anti-game. It's bizarre. It involves a lot of waiting and a lot of watching and not very much meaningful interaction.

#4 Posted by Xpgamer7 (2453 posts) -

It's a toy with combo and leveling mechanics that turns into something else for story purposes... Really the game part is more in the fireplace.

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