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Playing with Fire 3

Now and then you come across a title that despite having at its core a set of elements that seem too bare and simplistic to make up a full game, still manages to do something rich and compelling. I remember it being the case with Rock Band Blitz, I remember it being the case with a whole slew of mobile games, and it’s definitely the case with Little Inferno. Little Inferno is a product of the Tomorrow Corporation, a three man indie team consisting of Kyle Gray who previously worked on &ldq...

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After this review has been read feel free to burn it. 0

World of Goo was an outstanding game that had an interesting subplot and a mixture of clever physic based puzzles and a charming atmosphere. If you go into Little Inferno thinking you are going to get the same experience you will be disappointed, Little Inferno is not that difficult and some people would question whether it is even a video game, but if you know what to expect going in then you will discover one of the most original games that you can get for your new Wii U system.As soon as you ...

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A one trick (on fire) pony with an emotional story. 0

Calling Little Inferno a 'game' is difficult for me, as it's really more of a interactive toy than a proper game. That said, there is a win condition and a ending leading to the credits, but there is no lose condition, no way to reach a game over screen, which is drastically different in comparison to World of Goo, where failing a level means you outright fail and have to start at the beginning again. World of Goo was a actual game with a heart, emotion and a wonderful soundtrack, but Little Inf...

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Not a bad way to burn some free time. 0

This is an odd little puzzle game (emphasis on "odd" and "little") which pretty much revolves around burning things in a fireplace. The gameplay, such as it is, is all about looking at a list of of combos and trying to figure out which items make up that combo. As you burn items, they spawn coins, which allow you to buy more items. As you figure out combos, they spawn stamps, which allow you to have items instantly delivered. You also need a certain number of combos to unlock more catologs to b...

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Cow Clicker 2.0 0

This game is weird. You'd think after some 25 years of gaming you have seen it all, but this one is different. This is a game without a game. The whole game literally consists of you dragging stuff from the bottom inventory on the screen into the fire place at the top and then setting them on fire. That's it. There are no points, skill or anything. It's drag&drop to make things burn. Once you have burned a thing, you get more money that allows you to buy more things from a catalog to burn. ...

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Compelling-ish 0

Knowing nothing about the game before I booted it up, it took only seconds of that Kyle Gabler sound for me to realize this game was made by those World of Goo guys. I've gone on record on more than one occasion to say that.. those guys are alright in my book. Little Inferno, broken down to its simplest form, is nothing more than a fireplace simulator. Here are these things, burn them! And those expecting a proper (World of Goo) game will definitely leave the charred ruins of your house disappoi...

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Not So Hot 0

One of the first “toys” I could throw into my Little Inferno fire place was a credit card, an unsettling notion that didn’t exactly instill confidence in my purchase of Tomorrow Corporation's latest title. Touching the plastic to the heat quickly swallowed it in flames, and from these flames coins would spew that I’d then collect and spend on more toys. It’s pointless, but what’s both cruel and interesting about Little Inferno is that it knows its pointless, and yes, perhaps even a waste of mone...

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