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Little League Baseball: Championship Series was part of the SNK Playmore series of Baseball games for the NES. It featured very similar game play to it's predecessor Baseball Stars. The players were modeled after Little League aged kids and the game featured Little League rules (6 innings, 10 run rule, no leading off a base, no stealing until the pitch had crossed the plate, etc.). 16 teams from 3 different continents were featured in the game.

Game Modes

Championship Series

Unlike actual Little League rules, the tournament was a single elimination that featured all 16 teams. As you progressed through the tournament you were presented with a password that could be entered to continue at a later time. All 16 teams could be human controlled No accumulated stats were kept in this mode. Games that had 2 computer controlled teams could either be watched in full, or put in 'Speed Mode' where the game's result was immediately simulated and shown on the scoreboard.

Exhibition Mode

A single game that could be played between a human and the computer, 2 human players, or a computer vs computer game could be watched.

Power Analysis

Each team in Little League: Championship Series had a overall team stat in 4 categories: Batting, Running, Pitching and Defense. In Power Analysis, you could see all of the teams overall stats.


16 teams from 3 different continents were featured in the game. Stats are out of a possible maximum of 5. New York had the highest overall rating with 19 out of a possible 20. Italy was the lowest with 8.

North AmericaBattingRunningPitchingDefense
Puerto Rico2334
New York4555
Chinese Taipei4354

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