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Little Magic is a Super Famicom puzzle game published by Altron. The protagonist, May, needs to take one more final test at her magic academy before graduating as a fully-fledged witch. This exam takes the shape of a series of block-pushing tests, where the trainee witch needs to use her magic to maneuver the block to where it needs to be.

The game plays similarly to Sokoban/Boxxle, in that the player must thoughtfully pick a route for a sliding block without getting it or the player character stuck. May can use her limited magic to plant a bomb which pushes the block once, and can place up to five of these with timers. She's also capable of pushing the block herself (or one of her bombs) when standing next to it.

Little Magic was eventually ported to the Game Boy Advance in 1999. Neither version was officially localized or released outside of Japan, but both received fan translations from two separate groups.

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