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The Little Wyvern resembles Star Fox’s Arwing. Its pilot, James McCloud -named after Fox’s dad (appears in the game as a cameo) - had the ship built for him by transforming his starfighter into an F-Zero machine. The craft was designed by Space Dynamics; they built the ship to test their skills in F-Zero machine building. It is to be noted that Space Dynamics is a company that build exclusively the fighting crafts, reason why the little Wyvern is a experiment for the brand; McCloud sees it only as a source of income. Space Dynamics is also a reference to the starfox series, in which the company is named Airspace Dynamics). The Wyvern weighs 1390 kg, which places it in the light-medium wight class. It is an easy ship to pilot because of it´s lack of skidding (although it is ranked as a B-class grip machine). It has also a pretty good boost and acceleration cabaility thanks to its FGS-C024Mx2 engine, although it lacks some top speed compared to some havier machines. The Wyvern´s body strength is also very low class, which means that the pilot must try to avoid contact with other machines an walls to stay in one piece. However, it is considered a very well-balanced ship, recommended for beginners and experts alike.

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