Can you recommend so good LBP2 levels?

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I've seen all the trailers and there seem to be some amazing levels from the beta. I did some searching last night and the only LBP2 specific levels I found were horrible!  Do any of you have any favorites, either from the beta or otherwise?
Here are links that people have posted from the first page and a half:
(no links are working for me so I can only assume these are working still.)
Galactic Base Defense 1.2 
Omicron Neon City
Mediterranean Street Racing
Top Down Zombies V1.1
Blast Radius
Super Sackboy Bros 3D
Duck Blaster 
Rock em sock em robots
The Lost (Demo)
Tower Defense LBP2 
  This level is effin ADORABLE 
Mega Man 2 - Metal Man's Stage 
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Oh, and some, not so. Yikes.

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Trying to complete the developer levels before I start doing any community stuff.  If this post is still active at that time I'll post whatever I run across.   
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I've only played a few good ones, but they were really really good considering the game had only been out 2 days. 
Blast Radius, Author:Johnee.  ( Custom menu, custom voice, options) 
and by far the best... Omicron! Its a top down rpg style game, with amazing visuals. 
I also liked Gnome Cave.

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@quinistheman said:
" I've seen all the trailers and there seem to be some amazing levels from the beta. I did some searching last night and the only LBP2 specific levels I found were horrible!  Do any of you have any favorites, either from the beta or otherwise? "
go to it has all the level that people like and recommend. you can put levels on your que so when you get on you can immediately play.
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@ocdog45:  Sure, but I was hoping to get some recommends from the GB community. Thanks though.
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Galactic Base Defense, solid tower defense game. Set up a laser in front of the spawn point in stage 3 ;)

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Blast Radius has gotta be the best thing out right now (that I've seen at least).  Added a bunch of levels to my queue but they all ended up sucking.  There was a Street Fighter game that was somewhat creative but just not very fun to play.
I'm noticing, now, after playing through a lot of the singleplayer that there are a lot of community levels that are just bad copies of Media Molecule levels.  Hopefully the really good creators will release some more stuff.
Someone needs to make a Zelda game; top down style!  Seems easily feasible considering what I've seen out there already and MM levels.  Or you know...I guess they could do something original as well..bleh.

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Continuing the trend of stickied threads with typos in the title! I just finished the story campaign so I'll try some of these levels out.

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I enjoyed the gnome cave, but really, I think you'll need to give it a week or two for the first wave of truly great levels to be released.

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Hyperball , shocked no one mentioned it, that game is so good it could (and should) be a PSN/XBLA title. HYperball check it

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You can't go wrong with any of the MM Picks.

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Not EVERYTHING in Mm picks is good :P
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This is the first level of a full game created in LBP2.  The Playstation Blog has been promoting it the past week or two.
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I haven't played it yet, so I don't know if it's actually good.

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I just finished making a level. and I think it's pretty good. It's inspired by VVVVVV and I put a lot of time into it. Enjoy!

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It's by far the best Star Wars level I've seen. One of my favorite levels, period.

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Yes, his levels are great.

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This has got to be one of the best levels I have ever played, just finished by my friend nightshade94123.

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