Defense of the Ancients LBP level

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Hey folks.   

I put together a dual joystick defense of the ancients style level, and I'd love to know what everyone thinks. You can upgrade your units, ship weapons, install turrets, the whole nine yards. It is single player only for right now, but I plan to add multiplayer and additional ship types if there is interest.  You can find it here:  
Add it to your queue and drop me any feedback you have!  



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It was only a matter of time...

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Let me help you with that.

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Sounds more like a tower defense game to me.

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Thanks for the linkage, post is updated now. 
Also, whether it's tower defense or DoTA depends on what you mean by DoTA. I certainly didn't try to make it the same as the Warcraft mod, with the same character classes and whatnot, but it is the style of game where troops spawn from factories and you go and fight with your troops to try to get to the other base. I use the term more as a genre, with games like Demigod in it, rather than a specific title.

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I added some gameplay screenshots here for anyone who is still interested.

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