Game Thing...! Season Finale Trailer

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Call this advertising, so be it. I make this stuff with my own time and money for free for anyone who wants it. I have not put any ads on my youtube and do not plan to, so there is no financial gain here. Think of this as a gift. take it or leave it.

Here is my trailer for upcoming episodes 4 and 5 for my LittleBigPlanet web series we call Game Thing. If you have been following the series, I am sorry those episodes are so late, but this trailer should relight a certain fire.

I say it is epic in the title because I am personally proud of how awesome it turned out, feel free to disagree, feel free to comment on what you liked or disliked, and do all that other stuff youtubers pander for you to do every time they make a video.

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It's nice to see that you're still making those. Keep it up, duder!

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@Legend: I had no idea what i was getting myself into with the first 2 episodes, these are such a damn grind. They still wind up feeling worth it though. Through thick and thin we plan to keep this up. Still trying to figure out what happens when we all part ways for separate universities though :)

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