Would you play a third person platformer version of LBP??

#1 Posted by Zajtalan (1163 posts) -

Every time I play LBP 2 I realize how awesome a 3d platformer would be... Do you agree?

#2 Posted by iAmJohn (6141 posts) -

Uh... LittleBigPlanet already is a third-person platformer.

#3 Posted by KarlPilkington (2783 posts) -
@iAmJohn said:
" Uh... LittleBigPlanet already is a third-person platformer. "
#4 Posted by Zajtalan (1163 posts) -

Well I mean having it not be a 2d platformer...

#5 Posted by KarlPilkington (2783 posts) -
@Zajtalan said:
" Well I mean having it not be a 2d platformer... "
It's not 2D, there is depth.
#6 Posted by Zajtalan (1163 posts) -

Well then I mean making it like Mario/Darksiders.... come on try to understand 

#7 Posted by coryrx8 (174 posts) -

It would be cool if it were a free-roaming platformer, but that would really go against what Media Molecule was trying to do with the game. Although LBP's gameplay is fun, it was never about what you got with the package, it's about the user-generated content. 2D levels are easy for amateurs to lay out, so there's a good amount of decent content out there to try. 3D level design is a whole different animal altogether. It's kind of like with mod content on the PC; back in the Doom days, when mods were simple, everyone and their dog had created a level, and a good number of people had created a total conversion. These days the majority of mods descend into development hell and end up dying there. The same thing would happen with LBP if they made the gameplay any more complex than it already is.

#8 Posted by SSully (4401 posts) -

Guys he means Third Person. And no, i would despise if LBP was third person. Just try and picture that, REALLY picture it. It makes me want to vomit.

#9 Posted by Chewbarta (7 posts) -

Lol. I would be overjoyed if I could make my game on lbp2 third person.

#10 Posted by Willtron (243 posts) -

It wouldn't be Little Big Planet anymore. As someone said, it's about the 'modability' of the game. It's about user-generated content. You take that away and make it a over-the-shoulder platformer? It's not Little Big Planet. You make it like Mario, sidescrolling? Well, it already is with less precise controls and more freedom to create. Soooo...

I just don't see what your point is. If you want to give it an over-the-shoulder perspective and keep all of the user-created stuff. Sure? I don't think that's enough of a revolution to make a new game or anything, but it could be an interesting addition to the series.

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