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#1 Posted by Meptron (1122 posts) -

I've recently published a level, and I find it's difficult to get people interest in your level and get good feedback. I was thinking other giant bomb users might be having similar issues. Maybe we could help each other out by posting our levels here so we can check them out and provide contructive critisism (such as things you liked and didn't like about the level).

Here's mine:

user name: meptron_zero
level name: Journey to the moon!
question I'd like addressed: Did I make it too frustrating? How difficult were the snowmen for you, and was the part with the electric pink stars too difficult? ANY comments, good or bad are welcome.
#2 Posted by Meptron (1122 posts) -

check it out, here are some pics from the level I posted above above:

#3 Posted by TheJollyRajah (1576 posts) -

OK, first of all, we have a topic on this here.

Secondly, your level looks great, and I'll have to check it out later today!

Therefor, you must check out my levels in return!

PSN: TheJollyRajah
#4 Posted by Luke (1609 posts) -

After I got 100% of the Trophies in this game (including the Metal Gear Solid ones) I stopped playing LBP... I don't even feel like loading it up again to remember my level's name. 

Maybe a full-on MGS-like DLC Pack with new Trophies would spark my interest again?

#5 Posted by Meptron (1122 posts) -

Yeah, I saw that thread, but nobody had posted in it in over a month, so I figured it was kind of dead?

I'll check out your levels the next time I'm online.
#6 Posted by Kush (8889 posts) -

Let's keep all the LBP level discussion(etc) in this thread. That's why that thread exists.

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