sign here if you pre-ordered little big planet.

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sign here if you pre-ordered little big planet. and add were you pre ordered it.

me paid in full.

#2 Posted by Major (474 posts) -

Gamestop (ugh)

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Signed! About two monthishes ago?

Gamestop (In store. I want Kratos woot).

I'm also in the beta.. I did all the sign ups and didn't get in, but lucky for me a friend gave me an extra code. :3

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#5 Posted by LoZone (153 posts) -

me,  feel free to add me, LoZone

#7 Posted by shadows_kill (3093 posts) -

i will be if i get enough money...if not then on my birthday nov. 24th

#8 Posted by Rorschach (338 posts) -

Preorderd and prepaid!

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err, double post

#10 Posted by lantus (145 posts) -

I have, fully paid off too, I can't believe this game is finally only a couple weeks away! :D

#11 Posted by PenguinNerd (882 posts) -

Paid in full as of yesterday :D  And with the recent news about some other extras from Gamestop I can' be happier :D

#12 Posted by insanegamer (734 posts) -

ebgames and all paid off for.

#13 Posted by BoG (5390 posts) -
I cracked, I couldn't help but get LBP
#14 Posted by AaronBelfast (1473 posts) -

I still haven't pre-ordered, WTF? But I'm sure I'll get my hands on the game day one.

#15 Posted by Solid_SnakeXx (1838 posts) -

I dont see the point of pre ordeing it, since we never get anyting =/

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sarkeen said:

BoG said:
I cracked, I couldn't help but get LBP
Amazing, you two actually signed in this thread! Congratulations for being the first people I've ever seen sign in a "sign here" thread.

Pre-ordered from Amazon a while ago, myself.
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Yep i have mine pre-ordered and paid for , I also have my Kratos Sackboy code, just need to wait for the UK release on the 24th.

#18 Posted by hush404 (795 posts) -

I - ebgames.

#19 Posted by ReyGitano (2491 posts) -

My friend pre-ordered it, but I'll sign for him since I have to pick it up for him

#20 Posted by JohnDudebro (955 posts) -

I wanted the Kratos sackboy, so I preordered it.

#21 Posted by Demilich (2648 posts) -

Not even sure if it's a day 1 buy yet. But maybe. That Space Suit looks pretty cool.

#22 Posted by Lava (726 posts) -

Gamestop preordered weeks ago.

#23 Posted by Win (548 posts) -

Signed. But I didn't manage to get into the beta which sucks :(

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