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The Pod.
I'll admit I didn't see what the big deal was with LittleBigPlanet when it came out, I saw reviewer after reviewer giving it 5/5 or 10/10 and still wasn't sold. That might have to do with the fact that I didn't own a PS3 at the time and was kind of jealous. It wasn't until I got onto Giantbomb and saw the LittleBigPlanet Quick Look that the game really hit with me. I have spent a good amount of time with the game since I have gotten and it haven't taken it out of my PS3 in about a week.
LittleBigPlanet starts you off with a basic story mode, this story mode is basically a tutorial on how to play different levels, do different tasks etc. It also shows you how to use your customization tools, with these tools you can put stickers on objects in a lever or your pod. Your pod is the main menu where you select the games you want, it's also a very customizable area. Probably one of my favorite features was the customize you're Sackboy. You can do many things to your Sackboy like change the color, eyes, shirt, pants and accessories. You can also buy DLC for your Sackboy which includes many things, like a Killzone 2, Street Fighter 4 and inFAMOUS outfits. My Sackboy had a color of blue denim, with a inFAMOUS outfit, lets just say it's sharp looking.
Before I get onto what I think is the best part of the game, lets talk controls. Media Molecule gets them down extremely
well, everything is easy to use and all is mapped well. There were a handful of time where I missed some jumps, but that had to do with me not pressing down hard enough. In the very beginning of playing the narrator, who sounds like the Fat Princess narrator, tells you that you can slightly tough the button to do a tiny hope, or hold it down hard for a monster jumb. So I didn't do that and died. Little touch like press down hard to do different things is what I liked about it, it's not to sensitive and it's not nonreactive. 
Teamwork son, teamwork.
Ok, I have two things that I loved about the game, and those are: it's charm and online play. I am a fan of cute games, I'll admit that, and LittleBigPlanet is not short on that. The Sackboy is fucking cute and all the levels have this nice colorful fun design to them, it's easy to play this game for four hours straight but it helps if it looks good to and it delivers. Online play is fantastic, some levels are mind blowing and had to have taken hours to make. I spent a Saturday playing LittleBigPlanet for around four hours straight, and if you add the whole time together that day I probably played online games for eight hours. It's just a great way to spend the game if you want to play video games.
LittleBigPlanet blew away my expectations and I won't lie they weren't very high either. Media Molecule has made a game that will probably go down as the best the PS3 has ever made, and could go down as the best of the generation. Big statement I know but this game deserves a bold statement like that. If you were like me and haven't played it yet, I highly recommend it. Media Molecule has made their masterpiece.
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