dimitris's LittleBigPlanet (PlayStation 3) review

A game that made me smile for a long time

In littlebigplanet people have imaginations and all those imaginations go to a planet and you go off and do all these crazy missions. Let's start with the good things of littlebigplanet.
LBG looks great. All the levels in the game have it's unique look. Every level you play looks different than the level you played before. There are 8 chapters that have 3 level each but the last chapter has 4. Usually in each level you find keys that unlock challenges. We are talking about 25 levels and about 15-20 challenges. In each level you get bubbles that you give you points, prize bubbles that give you stickers, skins for you character or costumes for your character. There are plenty of costumes in the game that will make your character look really cool. 
The sound is really great too. The game has a really great soundtrack and each piece of music mixes well with each level. 
The controls are easy to get used too. All you need is x to jump and R1 to grab things. If you hold down L2 and R2 and move the analog sticks at the same time your character will move his/her hands in the air. if you move your controller your character will move his/her body. If you press the directional keys your character will make different faces. left= cautious right= tough up= happy and down= sad. Doing this your character will be the cutest thing that you have ever seen.
The creation mode is just amazing. You might think that creating a level is hard but after you play the tutorial it is really easy. LBG gives a lot of objects that you can use to create your level. You can publish your level and share it with the world.
Everybody loves to get trophies and the lbg trophies are the easiest to get.
Example: publish a level, place one sticker
I love this game
Playing with others has never been so much fun but if you try to play something bad will happen. Not that bad is that the game tends to lag a bit if you have people with you in the game, but if you play online for a bit your PS3 will get used to it and you will be playing lag free. But it is kinda annoying.
Another problem with the game is that it has some minor graphic glitches.
If you have a ps3 and don't own this game then you should buy it now because you wouldn't want to miss out on the fun that littlebigplanet has to offer

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