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They say some games are unlimited possibility's which they are really not and end somewhere but this game LBP is unlimited, and will never end. People will be making new levels, which will be nonstop fun. All the cool costumes you wear which are really neat. The game play which is basic, becomes unreal in all the things you can do by just run&jump. When I first played it i was over whelmed in what you can do. I like it because it's online, it's ment for online play. The story mode is just to get you amped of for  online play. You get all your items ready to build you levels and going through the world of LBP. Overall it's hands down the greatest game ever for the Ps3 and will always will be. There is no need to make a second one.I love love LOVE! it.


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    Little Big Awesome! 0

    Where to begin? First of all I was not part of the LBP Beta so I really had only videos shape my idea of the game until I at last bought it the Saturday before its official Tuesday release. I have played through basically all of the single player campaign (just missing to get all the goodies) and have mucked around in the online portion now that the servers are on. Let me tell you that this game is phenomenal. I also tried the creator mode and got some stuff (nothing special yet) done. I think I...

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