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Wow is this game F**ing Awesome......

I would just like to say the users on this site that gave this game bad reviews dont know what a amazing game is soooo dont listen to their dumb ass comments. Littlebigplanet is a create it yourself platformer, and it is made by now one of my favorite develepers Media Molecule. First of all i was dying for this game for a while, and when i got it on day one it was probably the best day i have ever spent playing on a videogame. The story mode that media molecule made was a lot better than i expected, cause u can go back and try to ace the level, beat the high score, find all the secrets, and best of all play with your friends. And thats not even the best part of Littlebigplanet. The best part of lbp is to just see what you can create out of a huge empty world. I usually dont like creating stuff, but littlebigplanet's create mode is so simple that anyone can get addicted to it. There is just soooo much to create thats its just mindblowing. Then once your done with your level u can publish it on the lbp level servers. O and did i mention that your can play thousands and thousands of other people's level, so the game's value is unbeatabble. The game play itself is basically what u expect in a 2d platformer, u can jump, grab, swing,and pull ect...... But what makes the game so damn good is what all stuff u can make or play. The graphics are awesome and very shiny, and the sound and music in the game is one of the best in all of videogames. I recommend this game to every single living thing on the planet even bugs and animals .lol. This is hands down one of the best games ive ever played, and only sony can deliver thos kinds of games. Thanks Media Molecule!! 5 out of 5.  

                                                                                                                              ps. my ps account is slykratosaddict if u heart me as author in lbp ill do the same, im just desperate to get the last gold trophy in the game, and i cant make a good enough level to get hearted

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