More rage than in Super Meat Boy!

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I bought PS3 a couple of weeks before PSN went down - and Sony decided to give me this game as a present!
I really enjoy LBP, creation tools are great and surfing user made levels is a great fun. So much fun I actually decided to go and try do some simple things in the editor myself (in hope of one producing a level or moving on to LBP2). Then I understood it would be best to finish the story to get more tools and objects. But why the hell the developers decided to make checkpoint respawns limited? I am used to collect as much shit in games as I can and I also try to get a high score, espetially in cases like this, where you see leaderboard for every level, with friends. It's easy to die in LBP. I am not gonna dis the game for imprecise floaty controls, but for f's sake, why aren't deaths penalised just by score reduction?
In many cases I died midway in the level, having collected almost everything, trying to get all the stupid score bubbles... and then I need to start all over... thanks god the collected items stay collected. But when this happens, there is no incentive to start collecting bubbles all over again, because there might be a stupid checkpoint where I can easily die and loose it all again.
Seems to me as an out of place concept in this type of relaxing and generaly enjoyable game.
Also, everytime I reduce my life count to one, the siren makes me so nervous I am unable to make the most basic jumps and I ussually end up in the nearest hole. 

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I did not have too much of a problem with limited respawns per checkpoint when going through the story, but I could see where someone would. Little Big Planet's physics do not lend themselves well to precise gameplay (slow movement speed, floaty jumps, and limited mid-air control), and I have died multiple times when it just did not seem like it was my fault. Super Meat Boy has tougher level designs, but I rarely felt that something other than myself was to blame for deaths.

I think 'infinite respawn' checkpoints were added in a later patch, apparently too late for inclusion in the main story mode. Many user levels and many of the 'bonus' levels in the GotY edition use them.

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super FEAT boy

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@IllegalizePelvicThrusts: Yes, that is exactly my point. In Super Meat Boy death is always a result of player's inprecision. In LBP its the nature of the physics, which are frankly kind of crap. 
I think the story mode is mostly there to let player see what the editor is capable of, to inspire. The difficulty that comes from the limited respawns is artificial and works directly counter my desire to create levels. Seems odd.
Great, now I am actually compelled to go and try the bonus world in SMB, which can not end well.

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