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Little Big Planet psp! Does it stand up to the console version?

Little Big Planet was a huge sucess when it hit the PS3 a year ago. Now the psp version is out, and it still has all the fun. 
For newcomers to LBP, the game is a platformer that has enough variety and customisation to create pretty much... anything! And that includes different game types too. Some of the control gimmicks such as slapping other players and controlling your arms are gone, probably because of the psp's limited control system. Also a few of the costumes and Items were removed(may be included in future updates through DLC), probably to allow the game to fit on a psp UMD. Also the last few bad things are that the load times are HUGE, taking up to a minute or two and that the game itself is pretty short. The sticker and building controls are also somewhat problematic when trying to hold down the L button to resize or turn a sticker/piece.  But these are all small nuisances compared to how great this game is. The style of LBP is retained well in this game. It may not be AS technically impressive, but it does a great job and looks beautiful on the psp. The controls work well for the most part and have few problems, though occasionally you might not be able to jump at the height you want. The Main story is fun, and the side missions are both a representation of what LBP can do and hard yet enjoyable minigames. I finished the story in about 9 hours including side missions and 100% collection rates. After I started building levels for a few hours. As the PSP community is much larger than the PS3 one and that people who can't afford a PS3 yet have PSP's are dying to play this means that the the online community has a great future. I've already spent 5 hours on level creation and through some hard work and creativity made a tank level. I hope to see others like me do this as well and create their own great levels, and maybe some DLC will come out as well, to give us some of the features that we PSP owners have missed out on. This is a great  title by itself, and though I hope to see more updates and levels for it, I think it's a great game already for anyone who wants the LBP experience or PS3 owners who want to play it on the go.

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