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Lloyd is the silent, strong antagonist of much of The Legend of Dragoon. His speed, strength, and intelligence make him a worthy foe. He is also a Winglie.

Dart and the party first encounter Lloyd in a battle arena in Lohan. In the final match, Dart can't even land a hit on the guy, who ends up winning the battle. Lloyd catches Dart's eye, and he is suspicious of him.

It is revealed Lloyd is in league with enemies of Dart and Basil. He is going about stealing Divine Moon objects from the various leaders of the world, and reporting to a mysterious, cloaked man (later revealed as Zieg, Dart's father and Rose's former lover).

Lloyd wields the Dragon Buster, a powerful, mystical sword that has the ability to kill dragons and dragoons with minimal effort. It is with this sword that he kills Lavitz in Hellena Prison. In a later battle with Lloyd, the party members can't turn into dragoon form without being killed with a single blow due to the Dragon Buster.

Lloyd leads the party on a chase through much of the world, as they try to prevent his future attacks or damage. He always remains one step ahead, but when the Divine Dragon awoke, he let Dart and the party subdue it so he could swoop in and get the Divine Dragoon spirit. In the end, upon returning all the Divine Moon objects to Zieg, he is betrayed, learning that what he has been doing will merely bring the downfall of the entire world, instead of the utopia he had believed he was helping to create. He leaves the Dragon Buster to Rose (the only character who can wield it) and dies.

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