What the heck has happened to this game?

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I got into this beta a long while ago but never played it. Then I was looking at my steam library and seeing it there, decided to check out the store page to find out when it was coming out only to find that there is no longer(was there ever?) a store page. Nor is there a community page for it. Not only that but the official site seems to be gone now as well. Even here the forums are completely empty and the description on the wiki is backwards for some reason. Even the sub-reddit hasn't had a single post in over a month.

Have I stumbled on some sort of government conspiracy? Where the hell has this game gone?

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There never was a store page, probably because they're still in closed beta. Wouldn't be surprised if something showed up after open beta started.

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Closed beta is still goin' on -- the official site is here: http://www.loadout.com/

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They've been pissing out beta invites for the past while.

Got a key, played all night. Fucking great time.

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