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The Lockheed AC-130 is an armed variant of the Lockheed Martin C-130 Hercules transport aircraft. Originally developed and deployed during the Vietnam conflict, the AC-130 is absolutely deadly in it's designated close support role. The gunship is crewed by 12-14 people including two pillots, a navigator, an electronic warfare officer, a flight engineer, a sensor operator, gunners and a loadmaster. The AC-130 typically operates at night to protect itself from anti-aircraft weapons. Currently there are two variants of the AC-130: the H or 'Spectre' and the U or 'Spooky II' costing around 130M and 190M US Dollars respectively. The U carries more advanced sensors and carries twice the ammunition of the H model. Both gunships are bristling in firepower with the H carrying 2x 20mm M61 Vulcan six-barrel gatling guns, a 40mm L/60 Bofors cannon and a 105mm M102 howitzer. The U exchanges the 2x 20mm for a single 25mm GAU-12 Equalizer five barrel gatling gun. The H is in the process of being retired and replaced by a proposed J model.

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